Tired of dealing with your taxes? Here are some tongue-in-cheek words of wisdom:

Top three ways to be a victim of a tax scam

(Do not try this at home — it could be dangerous to your financial health).

  1. Click on the link in the email that looks like it is from the IRS.
  2. When the person calls saying they are from the IRS, give them your name, birth date and Social Security number, plus your bank account information.
  3. Give your full Social Security number and birth date to anyone who asks for it.

Top five ways to invite an audit from the IRS

(Do not try this at home, either!)

  1. Put the wrong Social Security number on your tax return.
  2. Claim a different amount for alimony that what your ex-spouse paid you.
  3. Claim large losses from “hobby” activities, such as horse racing or horse breeding.
  4. Claim charitable contributions that are almost as much as your income.
  5.  “Forget” to put all your income from your W-2 on your tax return.

Top six reasons you should find another tax preparer

  1. Your preparer promises guaranteed or inflated refunds
  2. Your preparer doesn’t have a tax identification number from the IRS
  3. Your preparer won’t sign your tax return
  4. Your preparer won’t give you a copy of your return
  5. Your preparer offers to pay what you owe to the IRS. All you have to do is pay him what you owe and he’ll send it in for you.
  6. Your preparer wants your refund sent to his bank account so he can deduct his fee and send you the remainder.
Judith Ackland has more than 26 years of experience in accountancy and financial planning, including seventeen years as a CFO of a diverse business. She started Crystal Financial in 2010 to help a wide array of individuals, families, and business owners better understand their finances and how good financial management could help them achieve their goals. Judith has an MA in Professional Accountancy from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as well as a Certified Public Accountant Certificate and a Certified Financial Planner designation.

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